Alessi first started magic when he saw English magician Dynamo on TV.  He was so stunned by the tricks Dynamo performed like reading someone's mind with a pack of cards or putting a phone in a bottle that he endeavoured to learn as much as possible about magic.  After purchasing his first trick deck at a market in The Rocks, Alessi performed to strangers on the train to and from school, at home, in front of friends....basically anywhere he could. 

Soon, he began to delve even more into the world of magic; discovering tricks, illusions and incredible mind-reading concepts he never could have imagined.  Later, in 2016, Alessi founded Alessi Magic with the belief that anyone can do captivating feats of magic without the need for extensive practice or mastering certain skills.  He believed magic should be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age or skill level. 

Fast track to several years later, Alessi now performs at parties and special occasions throughout Sydney while occasionally making an appearance at That Great Market in East Lindfield and the renown Paddington Markets.  Here, he sells a selection of mind-boggling illusions chosen for their ability to captivate anyone with ease and teaches people of all ages how to do them.