Deja Vu Deck
Deja Vu Deck
Deja Vu Deck
Deja Vu Deck
Deja Vu Deck

    Deja Vu Deck

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    LETS FACE IT....  

    We've both used YouTube to learn magic tricks.  

    They're simple, amazing and best of all....FREE

    But think about this....

    You learn 5 tricks from 5 different videos.  You now have to remember how each trick works. 

    You can only do each trick once AND you have to set each one up beforehand!

    Now on top of that, the best ones are going to involve some sort of sleight-of-hand which you won't bother practicing.   

    I're looking for something to impress people right? NOT a career in magic!



    This is a magic trick you can learn like a YouTube video, do more than 30 different tricks with AND do anytime without any setup!

    You DON'T need to remember how each trick WORKS....or the order of the cards....because the deck does ALL THE WORK FOR YOU!

    When you're doing tricks with this special deck, people are going to swear you're using sleight-of-hand....but you're not. 

    Because you DON'T NEED TO. 

    Because the way this special deck is setup, it does ALL THE WORK FOR YOU!

    So....why waste your money on cheap magic sets when you can IMPRESS, AMAZE or MIND-BOGGLE ANYONE with this special all-in-one deck!


  • Deja Vu Deck- In this unique deck (NOT A NORMAL DECK), every card is specifically designed and placed in a certain order.  This allows your tricks to be 'self-working', so they will seem easy to YOU but you'll look like a sleight-of-hand expert to OTHERS!
  • Video Instructions (Downloadable)- Comprehensive instructions on how your Deja Vu Deck works, how to use it and a few tricks to get you started
  • Trick Booklet (Downloadable)- Includes over 30 different tricks you can do ANYWHERE in addition to tricks you're taught in the instructions.

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