Alessi Magic offers one-on-one magic lessons with a Professional Magician for both adults and children. This is a great way for anyone to get started whether you have absolutely no experience or want to expand your magic trick skill set.  

Included in Lessons

Each lesson includes a demonstration, tuition of the trick and practice followed by a discussion and additional tips.  The magic tricks taught are designed to be practical and easy yet impressive, so that they can be performed anywhere at a moment's notice and still captivate people's minds.  This type of magic is commonly referred to as 'street magic', where a magician will typically perform magic using a deck of cards or everyday objects from the surrounding environment.  Additionally, Students will receive a complimentary magic trick of their choice from Alessi Magic's range of easy-to-learn tricks. The magic trick can be chosen on the day with the student also receiving a performance and tuition of their chosen trick.  


One of the benefits of our private lessons is that it will be tailored to YOUR skill level and needs.  We like to ensure students have FUN and leave feeling CONFIDENT, EXCITED and READY to perform!


Lessons are usually held at the student's premises, however during this unprecedented time, the private lesson will be conducted at the student's door step.  

How long are lessons?

Lessons can range from 45 mins to up to 1 hour but may extend longer depending on the student's needs and level of understanding.  Several ideas or concepts are utilised in the performance of a good magic trick, so ensuring the student's understanding of the concepts taught is vital to their success and confidence when performing.


Private magic lessons are $75

Bookings and Inquiries

If you would like to book a Private Lesson or ask further questions, please sens us a message via the Contact Form. 

Alternatively, you can send your booking or queries to 

We look forward to hearing from you!